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FYI: Tsafack Visit Winding Down, Still No News

Is it worth a full post to say that there's no new news?

Well, it's a slow news day.

With Maryland big man target Hippolyte Tsafack having been on campus for nearly a full day, there's yet to be any word on his possible commitment status, meaning he's still out on the market. Some visits extend to Sunday, some don't; if his does, it's possible that he could commit tomorrow.

What we do know is that he was on campus, watching the scrimmage, driving around campus on a golf cart, and was with current teammate and current Terp commit Mychal Parker. All are good signs (well, I don't know about the golf cart, but I'll take it as a good omen).

I wouldn't be particularly surprised if he committed tomorrow, but I wouldn't go so far as to expect it. If he has a "handler" - that is, a basketball oriented guardian - as most overseas recruits do, he might want to check back with him before making any decision - think Ater Majok.

When we know something, you'll know it, but right now, nothing's happened. Just letting you know.

[Note by bbroman, 11/01/09 7:30 AM EST - One of our members saw him at the scrimmage and asked him about it: check out the FanPost.]