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Maryland Minute 10.30.09 - Greivis Named to Naismith Watch List

Welcome to the Naismith Watch List, faux-hawked Greivis.
Welcome to the Naismith Watch List, faux-hawked Greivis.

Greivis Vasquez Named to Naismith Award Watchlist
Lots of competition, but he should be in the top 10. Graig Brackins, Cole Aldrich, Ed Davis, Sherron Collins, Devin Ebanks, Scottie Reynolds, Willie Warren, and John Wall are the only ones that are definitely in the top 10, IMO, and Greivis is definitely in that area.

Maryland Knocked Out of 2010 Class Rankings Top 10
That's not good. If Gary locks up Hippo on his visit, they'll get back into the top 10. Getting Tobias Harris launches them into the top 5. Remember, too, that Terrence Ross will see a boost in the winter, as people are reminded that he can play (he sat out AAU).

Maryland football forced to undergo a youth movement - WaPo
We already know all of it (Fridge has played a ridiculous amount of freshmen), but, because Caleb Porzel is awesome, I found this moderately interesting:

Porzel said dry conditions would particularly help him because of his style. He views himself as a home run threat in space, adding: "It's hard to catch me. When I see open green field I say, 'Run faster, run faster.' "

Between him and Torrey Smith, we have two giant home run threats. No shot we know how to use either.

Friedgen plans to evaluate Maryland's young talent - WT
Hey, even more about burning redshirts! Sez Ralph:

To me, if it's close or even, you have to play the younger guy and try to get better.

But if we're getting blown out? Or if we're up big? Usually it's the other way around. Weird.

Terps' Galts joined at the hip pad - Washington Times
Great story on the Galts as their senior season begins to wind down. Definitely worth the read in a slow week for Terps news. 

Recruiting Report: Weekly recruiting roundup
Max Garcia is still a Terps lean, apparently. If he gets on campus, he'll probably be a Terp. After the move away from OL recruitment, this is awesome to see.

John Wall Sits Out a Game
Ok, so it's not that bad of a violation, but it isn't exactly a damning penalty from a newly reform-minded NCAA. Seriously, an exhibition game suspension?

With the Dez Bryant suspension, I've gotten to thinking: the NCAA is way too strict in football, but way too lenient in basketball. Any theories as to why?

Andy Katz Says Wake Is Still Good
I don't really agree, but I'll take his word for it. Hopefully not better than Maryland.