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Da'Rel Scott Has a Broken Wrist, Will Likely Miss Year - Where to Go From Here?

The saddening word comes from Jeff Barker:

RB Da'Rel Scott broke his wrist.

Coach Friedgen said he's probably out for the season. Scott had over 1,000 yards last season.

Much like the Jerome Burney injury, this type of thing is always sad. Luckily, Scott will be able to come back next year and keep his NFL hopes alive, but this is a terrible injury, both for him and the team.

Now, Scott had been losing PT every game thanks to fumbling issues, so he won't be missed as much as, say Chris Turner would be. But he's still Maryland's best, most dangerous running back, without question.

This means Davin Meggett will claim the starting RB spot full-time. I also expect Gary Douglas to see a serious increase in playing time, even more than he did today, to make up for Scott's carries.

This also means that it's highly probable either D.J. Adams or Caleb Porzel burns their redshirt. Porzel would make the most sense, as he's the most dangerous and most like Scott, but he's been injured for awhile and may be rusty. Don't be surprised to see Adams out there in the near future.

Oh, whats that? Morgan Green? Well, Steve Slaton's replacement (I know, I know...not the whole story) is now on the practice squad, and Adams is above him on the depth chart. Certainly a monumental fall for Green, but you have to play the best player.

Anyway, it's a sad injury for DRS, and our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.