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Maryland-Clemson Gameday Guide

What: Clemson looks to assert themselves and Maryland tries to turn their season around

Where: College Park, Md.


Where to Watch: Your TV! ESPNU carries this one

In a Nutshell:

Clemson's Offense vs. Maryland's Defense - Clemson isn't the greatest passing team, but C.J. Spiller is a huge weapon, and his backups - who will see the field - are very dangerous. If Maryland's defensive line isn't stout, expect more than 200 yards on the ground for the Tigers.

Maryland's Offense vs. Clemson's Defense - Hailed as one of the best in the ACC, Clemson's defense has all the talent to be dominating. They haven't shut down a team yet, but they have the talent to do so, especially on the line, where they're bookended by the ultra-talented DaQuan Bowers and Ricky Sapp. Those two could have a field day if Bruce Campbell isn't 100% or Paul Pinegar isn't up to snuff. Maryland's best shot is to run the ball, which Clemson has had issues with in the past.

Players to Watch:

  • C.J. Spiller, Clemson, RB - Shouldn't be surprising. Even less than 100%, Spiller is lightning and a huge home-run threat.
  • DaQuan Bowers, Clemson, DE - A former five-star, Bowers has the talent to be better than Gaines Adams, whose number he shares. He hasn't manifested that yet, but he could have a field day against an injured Campbell.
  • Da'Rel Scott, Maryland, RB - If Maryland wants to win, they'll have to do it on the ground. If they want to win a game on the ground, they'll have to lean on Scott, who's fumbling problems may lead to reduced playing time.
  • Alex Wujciak, Maryland, LB - Clemson is a running team. Wujciak should have at least 15 tackles today.

Gameday Reading

Turner aims to turn over a new leaf in ACC play - WT
"A lot of people put the blame on him, and it's not Chris' fault," fullback Cory Jackson said. "There's a lot of people that are contributing to these losses. It's one slip-up here and one slip-up there, and it can be five guys on five different plays that result in five turnovers. It doesn't necessarily mean everybody's messing up or that we're a bad team. It's just that guys have to be sharper mentally."

Tigers see history as motivation today - Greenville Online
"The beginning of the end last season actually started with the Maryland game (a 20-17 loss) and evolved into a microcosm of the Tommy Bowden Era. Clemson lost at Wake Forest the next Thursday and four days later Bowden was gone."

Clemson seeks revenge against Maryland -- Sun
'"This is a different football team, different Clemson and a new staff," Swinney said. "It is all about today. Our football team is getting better. That is what we see and what we know. If you look around college football, you see teams really high, really low getting blown out. This football team has come to play."'