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Terps On Twitter: The Lists

We've mentioned when various Terps have joined Twitter in the past, and even tried to collect a list of who to follow, but Twitter itself just made the whole thing easier with a pretty simple innovation: The List, a collection of people you can follow with one press of a button.

While not everyone has this functionality yet, I believe a majority of Twitterers do. So if you're somewhat new to Twitter and want to follow Maryland players or news sources, we just made it a lot easier to do so. Just follow the lists, either Maryland news sources (including us, Pat Stevens, InsideMDSports, among others) or Maryland players/coaches (including Gary Williams, Chris Turner, and Greivis Vasquez), and you'll follow everyone worth following.

So if you're new or just straight lazy (no need to explain), we got you covered. We'll also add new people to the lists as they pop up (hopefully we can add Tobias Harris soon), so if you don't see somebody new pop up, you can still be following them.

You're welcome.

N.B.: Many players (Tony Logan, Demetrius Hartsfield) have Twitter accounts, but they protect them, so only their friends, family, and teammates (and, for some reason, me) can see them. Because they protect their accounts, I'm leaving them off the list...for now.

(PS: FOB Rush the Court has a good interview with the dreaded (not really) Adam Zagoria of Zagsblog, and they touch on the growing importance of social media. Zags makes a good point: By allowing users to break news themselves, there's no reason for the third party that is journalists. They're becoming a dying breed, and Twitter is becoming a legitimate news source.)