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Maryland Minute 10.27.09 - Basketball Gets Some More National Coverage

One week, people...
One week, people...

Maryland, Williams expect big things in 2009-10 -

Not a whole lot of new information here but some great quotes.

Greivis Vaquez: "I think it's going to be fun. The competition level is better. The guys, they want to beat me. They want to be better than me,'' Vasquez said of his teammates. "When you have guys that want to be better than you and want to kick your butt in practice no matter who you are, that's when you become a good team."

"That's why I'm happy. I'm not happy because I'm going to get all this publicity. I'm happy because my guys have gotten so much better from when last season ended to right now,'' he (Vasquez) said. 

Adrian Bowie: "We want to put a banner up in the rafters. This can be a big year for us,'' Bowie said. "I definitely feel like we now have everything to go against the top teams in the nation, not just the ACC.''  

One week till we start playing other teams...

The media's record in ACC hoops - D1SCOURSE

Really interesting piece here from Pat Stevens basically investigating how accurate the media is in predicting how the ACC will shake out. Bottom line is that the ACC media is usually pretty accurate. Since 2005, Virginia Tech has overachieved the most while Yellow Jackets are the biggest underachievers.   

Sporting News' ACC Power Rankings

The Terps come in at dead last. Not surprised but still depressing. 


Meet 2010 Commit Laurin Mincy

An ACL injury in your senior season has to be tough. Luckily, she's expected to make a full recovery and could be a starter from the day she steps on campus. 

New Name for 2011 BB Recruiting

His name is Jermaine Sanders and he's a 6' 4" wing player from Rice (H.S.) in New York. Here's what NBE had to say regarding his offers.

"Now Sanders, who’s receiving interest from Syracuse, Villanova, Pittsburgh, St. John’s, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Marquette, Connecticut and a slew of others. Offers from Villanova, Providence, and St. John’s are all on the table.

Sanders said that those select three happen to be pushing the hardest for his services. Maryland has also popped up, but it’s hard to gauge how much interest they have."

Joe Haden Transferring From BC

Likely landing place is Florida, but the former Good Counsel star could consider Maryland if the Gators don't give him PT (and my dreams turn out to be true). - bbroman