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Most Wonderful Weekend of the Fall

There's a special holiday for all Maryland fans out there this weekend. Halloween? Nope. The bye week.

That sounds harsh, yes, but it's going to be so nice to not be burdened by the weight of watching this team turn the ball over four times and listen to Ralph Friedgen complain about luck, God, and maybe even his own coaches and players (I'm confident that excuse is on it's way).

So, instead of watching the horrors of James Franklin's offense, take in the horrors of Halloween. Feel free to watch good college football. Walk through the woods. Go see a movie (Paranormal Activity, anyone?). Do whatever you want to do that doesn't involved watching Maryland football. After all, you now have an extra three hours to spend on something fun. Some of you were probably doing that already anyway, but it's a nice reminder for those who weren't.

It's kind of sad (no, very sad) that we have such an outlook, but it's tough not to think it. I'm sure quite a few (not all) of you have already thought this several times over.

I guess it's also good from a tactical perspective, too. Demetrius Hartsfield, Lamar Young, and Kerry Boykins get time to recover from injury, and Maryland gets an extra week to work on their numerous problems. But really, if three extra hours to prep for Halloween isn't the first thing on your mind, you're a better fan than I.