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Climate Check: Ralph Friedgen's Seat Temperature

We've now lost to Duke and Middle Tennessee State. Oh, and we were expected to lose to Duke; that's worse than actually losing to them, which we did too.

If not for JMU's and Clemson's crappy kickers, this team is winless. Winless. Getting a win the rest of the year is unlikely, and Maryland won't be favored for another game.

It's not like we've been getting blown out, though. Since the Cal loss, only one game has had a winning margin of more than eleven. So there's that.

What say you: is it officially time for Ralph to go (after the season, of course)? Economically, it's feasible: leaving him as head coach could actually be more damaging economically than his $4 mil buyout would be, provided the buyout wasn't a lump sum sort of deal.

So, does Ralph deserve another season at the helm?