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Maryland Falls to Duke, 17-13

The game might've been uglier than the weather. And the weather was plenty ugly.

In a game highlighted by a second quarter deluge worthy of a Genesis write-up and Noah himself, Duke turned it over three times, but Maryland fared no better capitalizing on those turnovers. On the strength of two late Maryland turnovers, Duke topped Maryland, 17-13.

Duke got on the board first, with a long TD drive capped off by a 24 yard Donovan Varner reception. Maryland answered with a methodical, steady drive that would get as far as Duke's seven, but had to settle for a field goal. And that's when you saw the problems forming. Duke would go on to fumble and Thaddeus Lewis would throw a rare interception, but the Terps could only muster a sole FG off the turnovers.

The Blue Devils would kick a FG and score a TD on a great catch by TE Danny Parker before Maryland saw their next score, opening up the lead to 17-6. Maryland finally responded with a by 67 yard TD pass to Davin Meggett on a screen, and comeback hopes were alive and strengthened by a fumble recovery at Maryland's own two, preventing a Duke TD. Those hopes were ultimately shortlived, as Chris Turner threw an interception with four minutes to go in the fourth and, after Maryland made a stop on defense, Tony Logan muffed the ensuing punt, effectively finishing the Terps off.

Definitely an ugly game for both Maryland and Duke, but uglier for Maryland. A lot of things happened, and I'll recap some of them later tonight (particularly coaching calls), but I'll leave you with this: Duke has allowed at least 27 points to all of their opponents all their BCS opponents this year, including NC Central, who isn't even an FCS team - they're still D-II. Maryland scored just 13.