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Maryland Minute 10.23.09 - Duke Pregame Notes

Boykins, Watson Will Sit
Boykins has an "upper body" injury...might explain the fumbles. That's two receivers down in the same week; even though they aren't starters, it hurts.

Defense to Continue Blizting
Usually? It's okay. Against Thaddeus Lewis? Uh, please no.

Dinich Picking Duke
28-20 Blue Devils. Please, if there is a God, don't let us lose to Duke in football.

The Terps won’t be able to stop Duke’s passing attack, led by senior quarterback Thaddeus Lewis. Duke is averaging almost 32 points per game, while the Terps average 23, and that’s because Lewis is given the time and protection he needs to find his receivers. Both teams will continue to struggle to run the ball.

[from bagold]

Duke Giving Us Respect
At least someone is.

"Maryland, a lot of people will take exception to this because of their record, but they're not a bad football team. They just haven't taken care of the ball in critical situations, and that's cost them games."

Taking the bitter with the sweet - D1SCOURSE
Pat Stevens has a relatively new take on why the Terps have struggled so much this season: the lack of production from the 2006 recruiting class. It's worth the read.

Greivis Vasquez - Maryland - Top 16 Most Entertaining Players in College Basketball - Photos -
Vasquez is the #1 most entertaining players in college basketball. I can't argue. I think they're a little harsh on his hot and coldness, since he's much more "on" than he is off. But when he is off, he can be way off. Glad he's getting respect though...could Greivis be the #1 hated college basketball player this year? [from homertuck]

My take: without a doubt. He's extremely polarizing, but I wouldn't want it any other way.

Meyer's Mailbag: Duke class could be great
Duke is currently #5, and I'm guessing they'll move up to #3 or higher after Harrison Barnes. Maryland still has a shot to get in the top five if they land Tobias Harris or C.J. Leslie.

On Tobias, Meyer says he's heard he's talking to fellow NY prep star Jayvaughn Pinkston, and the two would like to play together in college. The only school both are considering? Tennessee. Package deals rarely work out, but it's something to consider.

Whoa, Our Field Hockey Is Awesome
Unprecedented dominance, for any sport:

The Terrapins have won three of the last four NCAA championships and have lost just seven games since 2006, and their six national titles are second only to the women's lacrosse team, with whom they share a facility, as the most of any Maryland athletic program.


This season, they've retained the magic from a year ago, when they went 22- 2 and beat Wake Forest in the NCAA championship game. The Terrapins have started this season 16-0 -- tied with the 2007 squad for the best start in program history -- and have been ranked No. 1 since the season started in August. Their last loss came more than a year ago, a 3-2 defeat at home to Duke.


Recruiting Report: Weekly recruiting roundup
Lots of stuff this week, including Georgia OT Max Garcia favoring the Terps.