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Friedgen Moves On from Blaming Luck to Blaming God

Okay, so it's not just luck (and more luck), but now we find out the Creator of the Universe is actually stacked against the Terps.

Cause he, y'know, has nothing better to do than **** with Ralph Friedgen.

And if we don't turn the ball over, we'll win these games, and then everything's going to be looking a whole lot different than it does right now. But when I sit back and say, you know, we're making some progress, we just -- maybe we'll have a game where we don't have any turnovers and I'll pass out. God, give us a damn chance, you know? And I lost this week because we had a damn turnover.

Alright, first off, cursing at the Lord generally doesn't get you anywhere. In fact, Ralph just probably pissed him off and is now alloting his his holy rooting interest to Duke. Wait to go, Ralph.

Second, stop blaming luck. Turnovers are a trend, not an anomaly, at this point. We're seven games in and Maryland is the third worst team in the nation at this. This isn't bad luck. Oh, and it's been a trend throughout your career, too - your teams average 86th in the nation in turnover margin.

Third, stop saying "I lost" (he said it throughout the press conference). Did the players and fans not lose, too? He's not the program, last time I checked.

Someone get this guy a press coach, stat.