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Maryland Minute 10.21.09 - 'Wild Terp' Formation in the Works

This guy really needs to get the ball more.
This guy really needs to get the ball more.

'Wild Terp' could be in the works - The Diamondback

Bbroman asks and bbroman shall receive. Looks like we'll be seeing Torrey Smith and the "Wild Terp" formation a little this weekend. 

College basketball countdown: No. 20 Maryland - TSN

I'll take #20 pretty gladly. The preview here isn't the most informative in the world, but it's good reading for a few minutes. - bbroman

Mosley Looking to Expand Role

Nice piece of Mosley. I think he could be a big part of our offense this year and after reading this, I really think he could be good for about 14-15 ppg. ~ homertuck

My Take: I've only seen Mosley play a couple times this off-season but he really does seem to have stepped his game up.  Wouldn't surprise me at all if he's the Most Improved Terp this year.  

Looking ahead: Maryland - Dinich

She gives a best case scenario, worst case scenario, and a prediction. The prediction seems spot on actually.

"The Terps find another win or two on their schedule, but they don’t go bowling."

Danny O'Brien is an Intellectual Superman

At least he's a genius.

Danny, mentally, is further ahead than any quarterback I've ever been around. He's unbelievable. When I would send him information in the summer, and we'd talk about things on the phone or Internet or e-mail or text messages, he was asking me questions that I usually don't get from guys who've been in the program for three years. He is very, very smart, football's very important to him and he works at it. Mentally, he's off the charts in terms of where he is at in terms of understanding the game and understanding the offense. A lot of times guys will ask you questions and they don't understand how it all fits together. He was asking questions and I said 'Why are you asking this' and he said 'Well, if this happens I have to do this, this and this.' It's like guys that play chess.

Browns lose Terps alum Jackson for rest of season

Tough break for a great Terp. 

Midseason quiz on the 2009 college football season - ESPN

Pat Forde has a humorous rundown of the first half of the season. The Terps show up in two categories: "Single Weirdest Score" (MD 24 Clemson 21) and "Most Flagrant Big-Six Conference Fraud." Hey, at least we made the list.