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Maryland Minute 10.2.09 - Collier Drops Terps, More Basketball Recruiting News

Huh. Neither of these guys are on the team anymore. Weird. Image via <a href="">InsideMDSports</a>
Huh. Neither of these guys are on the team anymore. Weird. Image via InsideMDSports

Terps Out of it for Collier
A couple days ago, he said he was going to visit MD. Now, it seems we're off the list. I think this probably has to do with a lack of interest on the Terps part and the recent offering of Collier's teammate, Ashton Pankey. - bagold

Leslie Update From Zags
Not exactly great:

Hatchett said the 6-foot-8, 205-pound Leslie is considering Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Georgetown, Seton Hall, Arizona State, Georgia Tech, Oregon, Florida and Florida International.

"I think everyone is doing a good job," he said. "There are some that have come in kind of late. Florida, Kentucky, N.C. State, Arizona State, they’re being very consistent in the recruitment. Those guys have been around for a while and have been very consistent."

Uh oh. Since when did his list get bigger? And why wasn't Maryland listed as a "consistent" school?

This is pure speculation, so don't take anything from it, but is it possible the coaching staff is going all out on Tobias Harris and, as such, slowing down just a tad on Leslie? Highly doubtful, but a possibility.

More on Burney - D1scourse
Good info from a Pat Stevens interview:

Q: So basically, your career is over?
JB: Yeah.
Q: Are you going to wind up helping out Paul Ricci in the weight room this season?
JB: I'm labeled as the assistant strength and conditioning coach. I'm also trying to get internship credit. I'll try to see about that. I like doing that. I like instructing people with the proper way to lift, and it helps me stay in shape.
Q: Will you be on the bench, home and away, throughout this season?
JB: I haven't talked about that yet. I'll waiting until the season draws near. Right now, I'm the assistant strength and conditioning coach, and basically I give Paul a hand. Or I might see and just watch over parts of the team Paul says I can handle. Actually, he's starting to split the teams in the program, so I'll watch one group and he'll watch another. Or sometimes I'm spotting them.

Ouch - ACC's Adjusted Stats
Ow. Ow ow ow ow ow. Pain. It is a bit unfair that they way they "adjusted" these stats was by taking out FBS teams when Virginia and Duke's records improved. h/t Patrick Stevens.

2011 Center to Visit MD this Weekend
His name is Desmond Hubert, he's 6-11, and he's the #7 center in the 2011 Class. It's still early in the recruitment but the Terps seem to be in pretty good shape here. - bagold

Did you know? - Dinich
You want to know the problem with Florida State and Maryland? Look no further than the NCAA statistics for fumbles lost. FSU and the Terps are tied for 118th nationally out of 120 teams with eight fumbles lost each. Ugh. I knew it was bad, but I didn't know it was THAT bad. Just gives me hope that if they can cut out the turnovers, we'll be okay. Ralph has changed his coaching at practice to correct this. They run a series that has 12 plays and if they fail at one play, they start the whole series over until they get all 12 correct. And if someone fumbles or commits a penalty, they had to do up and down drills. He also brought in officials and asked them to call the practices very tight, to try to limit penalties. Hopefully it works. ~Homertuck

Grandy Glaze Update - NBE
Looks like Maryland's still involved with the Canadian prospect, along with half the teams on the eastern seaboard.

As for recruiting, Glaze remarked to NBE there are no favorites at this point and listed Providence, West Virginia, South Florida, St. Joe’s, Oklahoma, UNLV, Georgetown, Ohio, Ohio State, Akron, Xavier, Maryland and Virginia as schools involved in his recruitment.

Seven Joining the Maryland Hall of Fame
Among them are Johnny Holiday (100% unsurprising), Missy Meharg, Dale Castro, and four people you probably haven't heard of but did great things for the university.

Weekly Recruiting Roundup - Recruiting Report
Links galore, especially useful if you missed some of the bigger basketball news of the week.

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