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Maryland Minute 10.18.09 - We Might See a New QB Soon

Danny O'Brien already pushing Chris Turner out of his spot. Image via <a href="">Inside MD Sports on Flickr</a>
Danny O'Brien already pushing Chris Turner out of his spot. Image via Inside MD Sports on Flickr

We'll Be Seeing a New QB Soon
Looks like Chris might not be the starter much longer.

"We don’t start doing better, we’ve got to start looking at the future, too," Fridge said. "We’re definitely going to use Jamarr [Robinson]. It's just a question of whether we use [Danny] O'Brien too."

That's a shocker, and that's not sarcasm.

As for what it actually means: Ralph better not use O'Brien for just a few plays. If O'Brien's redshirt is burned, it's got to be him all the way. We've uselessly burned enough redshirts already.

I can't really argue with the idea of using one of the backups, because we should be planning for the future at this point, but taking the starting job from Turner would be cold.

We've Officially Hit Rock Bottom
Eight point underdogs against Duke. In football.

Maryland Madness highlights - TtT
Well, Jordan certainly looked nervous, so we got that going for us, I guess.

*It was a night for the first-year players -- power forward Jordan Williams and James Padgett -- to be nervous. "The first time you walk out on the court, you’d better be nervous," coach Gary Williams said. "Tomorrow (at the first practice) they’ll see what they have to do."

Uh, Chill Out, Dick Heller
Sounds bitter. Or just stuck up.

Probably we should say a word about the Terps here, and that word is pathetic. The punchless Terps are 2-5 at this miserable moment, with a bowl bid as unlikely as the Fridge taking up ballet in the offseason.

Pathetic? Damn, that's cold. How bad is it that UVA is calling us pathetic?

Frustrated Friedgen: 'We're just giving games away' -- Cowherd
Tell this to Ralph Friedgen, to preempt the excuse:

But the weather alone didn't kill the Terps. Virginia played in the same slop and boarded the buses back to Charlottesville after the game with their third straight win over the Terps.

Granted, he admits the problem was turnovers, which is pretty obvious.

Tobias Harris Mini-Update - Zags
He's still going to make all of his visits, as expected:

The 6-8 Harris from Dix Hills (N.Y.) Half Hollow Hills West also had a great time hanging with Irving and the others. "It’s been very good," he wrote by text. Harris has now seen Syracuse, Tennessee and Kentucky and still plans to visit Louisville, West Virginia, Georgia Tech and Maryland.

Terps not last in turnover margin --- but closing - D1SCOURSE
Take THAT, Miami (OH). Good choice, Clay Belton. Very good choice.

If you were wondering, Georgia, Purdue, and West Virginia are the only BCS schools in the bottom 20.

Durand Johnson Update - NBE
Doesn't look like Maryland's going to push on him.

One player that has done a pretty good job of attracting his own impressive following of college coaches is small forward Durand Johnson. The 6-foot-7 Johnson told NBE on Friday that Pittsburgh, Connecticut, Florida State. Virginia Tech, USC, Xavier, UNLV, UMass, Seton Hall, Georgetown, Maryland, Boston College and Marquette are schools recruiting him and "every school in the A-10 has offered and are recruiting me."



"My top five would be Pitt, UConn, Florida State, Virginia Tech and Xavier," said Johnson.