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Lost in the Moment: Torrey Smith's Wildcat

Do you remember  this? Maryland's first drive of the game, third play, 2nd and 1. At QB was not Chris Turner, but instead Torrey Smith.

While the result was mediocre - a rush of no gain - it represented something much more important: a Torrey Smith wildcat package.

You may recall that I pondered this and Pat Stevens asked James Franklin about it awhile back, and Franklin shot the idea down. It appears that that isn't the case anymore: they've been practicing this package and have it in their playbook.

It wouldn't be a bad idea for Franklin and Friedgen go to it more and more, because the plain old offense isn't faring too well right now. A possible reason for the offense's woes is the lack of touches for Smith. Why not kill two birds with one stone and let Smith run the wildcat for a half dozen plays each game?

I don't really think that'll happen, because Friedgen has shown some close-mindedness in the past regarding play-calling, but we can all hope. Smith is too dangerous and productive when he gets touches to ignore, and if he can't get the ball through the air, just direct snap it to him. Don't forget that he used to be a QB in HS - he can throw, too.