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Ralph Friedgen's Press Conference Quotes Sound Eerily Familiar

Maybe because he says the same thing after most losses?

It seems like Ralph constantly reiterates the lack of Maryland's luck, and he didn't fail with that today, either.

We run a play today, I don’t know if you saw this, but (freshman running back) Caleb Porzel, who is probably one of the fastest guys on our team, breaks out into the open and he falls down. We’re on one of these things where nothing’s going right. We’re just hoping the law of averages works out because we’re due for a change. If you keep working hard enough, if you keep keeping the faith, eventually things will turn around for us.

Do things go wrong unexpectedly? Sure. Have they? A lot. But that's not an acceptable excuse, especially not after it's been used three times. At that point (this point, actually), it's just really annoying. You have to make your own luck; fortune favors the blah blah blah so on and so forth.

There's also this gem:

Until we stop turning the ball over, we can work 24 hours a day, they can work as hard as they want to work. We’re just giving games away. I don’t think these teams are really better than us. We just keep shooting ourselves in the foot. Until that gets corrected, it’s not going to happen.

Since when did turnovers stop factoring into how good a football team is? The turnovers are a constant. They are part of the game and part of this team. Therefore, when we lose because of turnovers, we're not better than the team we lost to.

It's hard to take anything positively after a loss, but Ralph usually seems to have poor press conferences. When he loses, the excuses come out, and when he wins, he rubs it in our face. He needs to take some classes or something.