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Maryland Minute 10.16.09 - Sean Mosley Can Score Now

And shoot, too! 

Image via <a href="">Inside MD Sports' Flickr</a>
And shoot, too! Image via Inside MD Sports' Flickr

Sean Mosley Lead All Scorers at MM
And he made a 3 pointer...and both of his layups!

He's a changed man, a changed man.

Virginia on upswing in time for Terps - Dinich
Is it ever any other way? It does explain the change, though:

"It was different because it was mayhem in there," Sewell said. "Every single person in that locker room was up yelling, up trying to boost everyone else’s morale. Honestly, I’ve been at Virginia a long time, and I’ve never seen our locker room that way. It was totally different than I’ve ever witnessed."

That's it? Yelling and morale boosting? Why haven't we tried this?!

CFN Says UVA 28-20
That's about right. I think Maryland will be closer, but can't complain.

Basics from basketball media day - D1SCOURSE
Hayes apparently has turf toe, but it's not serious. Other than that...pretty uneventful.

Basketball Media Day Quotes - Terrapins Insider
We missed this from yesterday, but a lot of quotes from Gary Williams can never be bad.

The Sabre Preview
Unsurprisingly, they both pick UVA. I mean, even I did.

Battle of The Sacked QBs
Chris Turner: Been sacked 21 times. Jameel Sewell: 19 times. Both are in the bottom (top?) four in the nation. Yikes. These offensive lines will be ugly.

Seth Davis Asks a Question of Maryland
Fair question:

Maryland: Can the Terps stay mad?

The answer: he says they have to. I say they will at the beginning and end, with a soft, chewy usual.

Meyer's Mailbag: Jordan Goodman, Possibility of Multiple Big 3 at UK
Jerry Meyer with one Maryland-related answer and one semi-Maryland-related answer:

Goodman, on the other hand, has a thin, wiry body. His game is more of a finesse game, and he prefers to play facing the basket. Certainly Goodman doesn't have the strength of [fellow 2011 big man Perry] Ellis and isn't as good in traffic. But Goodman is more of a running and jumping athlete. That said, Goodman's game is not as developed or refined as Ellis' game. Because of the underdeveloped nature of his game, Goodman has more upside than Ellis. However, it is very questionable that Goodman will ever develop the body and game to match where Ellis is right now.


All three of these prospects are primarily four men, but it is conceivable for all three to actually be on the court together - especially in the "Dribble Drive" offense. Leslie is capable of playing down a position at small forward. Out of the three, he has the best speed and quickness. He can defend a three and is the overall best defender of these prospects. With his leaping ability, he can even guard a center in a pinch. Offensively, he could play a wing slasher role. Both Harris and Jones could move back and forth between power forward and center. I like Jones guarding the five, because of his physical strength.

No way in hell two of them go to the same school.