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Maryland Minute 10.14.09 - Is Danny O'Brien our 2010 QB?

Danny O'Brien Closing In on the Backup QB Spot

Interesting, if not entirely important. I wonder if his physical prowess was underrated coming in, or if C.J. Brown's mental ability was overrated slightly. Regardless, doesn't bode well for Jamarr. - bbroman

#6 Men's Soccer Beats #16 Georgetown in "Emotional Contest"

Huge win for the Terps after one of their starters was hospitalized this past weekend after being hit by a car. Our thoughts and prayers go out to a great guy, Alex Lee, who is expected to make a full recovery.

Fridge 'Optimistic' about Campbell

At least there's some good news regarding the football team.

ACC Power Rankings - The Diamondback

You know it's bad when your own school newspaper has you last in the power rankings.

CFN Picks Virginia...Except For That Goddamn Chicken

Clucko is such a Maryland homer. Only explanation. - bbroman 

Chris Turner: Better Than Our Running Running - WT

Well, that's depressing:

Excluding sacks, which are used in official rushing statistics, Turner is averaging 3.5 yards a carry. That's better than Gary Douglas (3.2) and Davin Meggett (3.1), the Terps' top two available tailbacks.

Also, Terps Insider has an entry on the same topic. - bbroman

The Fall of Haroon Brown - D1scourse

Kind of sad. I always thought Brown could be Jackson's replacement, but he's practice poorly and is now on the scout team. - bbroman