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Maryland Minute 10.11.09 - Hartsfield To Have Surgery, Campbell Questionable

The guy in the middle? He might play through a broken hand. He is more manly than I. <a href="" target="new">Image </a>via <a href="">InsideMDSports</a>
The guy in the middle? He might play through a broken hand. He is more manly than I. Image via InsideMDSports

Hartsfield To Have Surgery, Will Miss Three Weeks
We just don't know if it'll be this week then miss three weeks or next week and miss three weeks. If it's next week, he'll play this week. Does that seem kind of weird to anyone else? Y'know, playing a guy with a broken hand and delaying his surgery for a week?

Campbell Questionable - Terrapin Trail
We all know what the line looks like without him.

Adams and White
Patrick Stevens reports that Ralph might use D.J. Adams, even though Caleb Porzel has already burned his redshirt, and Pete White. Like I said earlier, this means he knows his job is at risk; he doesn't care about the future anymore, and is screwing over the 2012-13 coach in the process.

Torrey Smith Regains Lead in All-Purpose Yardage
Take that, Darius Marshall! BTW, it also looks like Torrey leads the nation in yards per play; if he got as many touches as the #2 (Marshall), his lead would be ridiculously insurmountable at this point.

Quotes from Maryland-Wake Postgame
Maryland's site doesn't have this, so you get treated to Wake's. Whatever, same thing. Anyway:

"We obviously played poorly in the first half and they (Wake Forest) played really well. You have to give it to our kids. They hung in there and kept fighting. If we had scored that touchdown with eight minutes to go, who knows what would have happened. We blew a lot of coverages in the first half and didn't get a whole lot going offensively. Other than the long kick return, I wasn't real pleased with our special teams. We then played better in the second half but it was too little too late."


"Yeah, I thought our guys came out focused. We had a very good warm-up and we were more vocal than we have been. I thought we were ready to play but we went out there and were blowing everything. Normally, we're not very loud pre-game but this time we were. I guess it was more bravado instead of substance."

I could've give you those answers without even looking them up.

OTB Power Poll: Terps Last
Not a shocker.

The Terps got hit by a Mack truck in Winston-Salem as the Deacs were on. Maryland would make a late, not-very-exciting comeback to get it within 10 with a minute and a half to go. They really were out of this by the end of the 1st quarter, but did not play terrible. Maryland has a chance to get back above .500 with a win over UVA next week.

FWIW, FSU is 11. Duke is 6.

Vasquez On At Least One Naismith Ballot
He should be on them all, but this is a good start.

College football tailgating bracket - Maryland in Second Round
Not exactly sure how good this bracket is (Louisiana Tech?), but I'll take it. Thanks, Doron.