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Tobias Harris Tennessee Visit Update - They Painted A Rock

Yes, this is worthy of a full post, not an MM mention. Why? Because Tennessee did this:



Well...that's...bad for us, I suppose.

I know stuff like this isn't a huge factor, but still, holy ****. We gotta find a way to top this. I mean, we can organize the Scheyer-face ordeal, I'm pretty sure we can top a painted rock, no matter how amazing it looks. Any ideas?

Oh, and if you actually want to know how the visit went, InsideTennessee has you covered:

"It went really well," Harris said. "I was very impressed with the entire trip."


"They are definitely up there," Harris said. "Coach Pearl is great, he knows my time frame, and they didn’t press me for a commitment or anything."


"We met Bernard King who was staying at our hotel," Mr. Harris told the New York Prep Site. "Bernard was attending a conference and we had the opportunity to speak with him about a lot of things."

Alright, Gary, call up Walt Williams, Mouton, Juan, Blake...get somebody over here. The ACC is stacked, and we need a star. Oh, and if there's no Stog, we'll need a a point forward. Sell this one hard.