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Terps Demolished By Wake Early, Late Comeback Makes It Close: 42-32

That certainly didn't go as expected.

After four really, really bad games for Maryland, things were looking up after a surprising, somehwat impressive win over Clemson. Perhaps foolishly, many Maryland fans were expecting a season turnaround, continuing against Wake Forest in a game that had surprising conference implications

That was a bad idea.

Outside of an 85-yard kickoff return from Torrey Smith and a minor emergence by Gary Douglas, there was basically nothing positive for Maryland. Sure, there was a slight comeback, but the game was well over at that point. Wake won 42-32, but the score isn't anywhere close to how one-sided this game was.

Want to know how bad it was? Wake had 381 yards of the FIRST HALF. Maryland barely broke 100. They were on pace for 762 yards!

The Terps' defense was porous and all-around terrible; Maryland's offense was unable to move the ball at all. There was no emotion, not even to start the game.

Does Ralph Friedgen's job need to be in jeopardy if his teams are expected to win? It seems that way, and after this game, it certainly seems like there will be plenty of heat on Friedgen's seat again.

Maryland did see a minor comeback toward the end of the game, but, like I said, it was done by that point. I appreciate the effort there, but it was way too little, way too late.

Yeah, I expected a loss - actaully, a loss of these proportions weren't out of the question in my mind leading up the game - but that doesn't make me any happier about it. All of the time Friedgen bought with the Clemson win just disappeared with this performance. It's bad when the good performance is the outlier, not the bad ones.

I don't want to rehash anything specific, but I will go over some more stuff later tonight/tomorrow morning.