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All-Purpose Deathmatch: Torrey Smith vs. C.J. Spiller

It's on.
It's on.

Maryland-Clemson might not be must-watch TV for most people - after all, it features a solid but unspectacular team facing a decent team with turnover problems - but there is a major selling point: the two most dangerous players in the ACC are matching up, head-to-head. One is #2 in the nation in all-purpose yardage, the other is #3. One broke a record his freshman year, the other's about to break a bigger one. One is the young up-and-comer replacing a stud, the other was a heralded recruit finally stepping into the role of the "the man". I'm excited.

The bright spot of the Maryland program, kick returner extraordinaire, and burgeoning star wide receiver Torrey Smith will go against soon-to-be ACC career all-purpose yardage leader, punt return specialist, and home-run threat RB C.J. Spiller in a fight to the death to determine who, exactly, is more all-purpose-y than the other. Because clearly, their talents on the football field are too well-matched.

Well, maybe not, but this competition will be a reason to watch this game. Either of these guys can house it on any touch, and though Spiller seems to have more athleticism, Smith has an undeniable feel for the game (and, in particular, the end zone).

In terms of stats, Smith edges Spiller in all-purpose running by 30 and half yards per game - Smith is second in the country, and Spiller has the bronze. Of course, that's not really fair, as Spiller also returns punts and kicks, whereas Smith only returns kicks, but I guess Friedgen's gotta make it fair somehow.

As you can tell, it's pretty well-matched. Guess we'll find who's better on Saturday.

Spiller recently hurt his toe, so he might not be 100%, even though he did put up 116 yards on that toe against TCU just last week. Regardless, Maryland's improving-but-still-really-bad defense and Clemson's orange curtain defense should even that advantage out.

You won't get too many people who would argue against one of these guys being the most dangerous weapon in the ACC. The only problem has been determining which one. Even if you don't want to watch the game for the game, it's worth the watch to find out who holds supremacy.