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Maryland Minute 10.01.09 - New BB Recruit Visiting, Leslie Update

Couldn't find a decent picture of new recruit, Ashton Pankey, so this one of Leslie will have to do.
Couldn't find a decent picture of new recruit, Ashton Pankey, so this one of Leslie will have to do.

Props to bbroman for most of the links and analysis today.

Pankey to Visit Maryland via ZAGSBLOG

Ashton Pankey, a 6-8, 220-pound forward from St. Anthony, will take an official visit to Maryland Oct. 16.

"Yes, they’ve officially offered. He’s going on a visit," said Jeff Rivera of New Heights.

Maybe a fallback if we don't land one of the remaining Big 2? I like our chances now with Harris, since we're his last official visit, but if neither of the big two work out, it's good the staff has a fallback plan with Pankey. ~Homertuck

Bbroman's Take: Ashton Pankey is a relatively new name for Maryland, but looks like a decent prospect.  Probably on the level of Graham or Hippo.

C.J. Leslie Update - Zags

We already mentioned the Harris part, but Zags has a mention on Leslie, too.

The 6-foot-8, 205-pound Leslie had an in-home visit Wednesday night with Seton Hall head coach Bobby Gonzalez and assistant Dermon Player. "It was good. It was real good," Leslie said.

Let's say I'd be shocked if he went to Seton Hall.

My Take:  I don't see Seton Hall happening either.  In addition to them, he's considering us, UNC, Florida, and Kentucky.  Florida and Kentucky have both recently picked up commits from players at Leslie's position and UNC may not even offer.  I'd say we're in pretty decent shape here. 

Recruiting Report - Meet Terrell DeVon Stoglin, aka The Prodigy

Sorry, Stogs, that's not your nickname. Good try, though.

Bracken has an intro to the next Terp with some strange questions (favorite high school class) and some good answers (favorite Terp: Steve Francis). Probably a must-read.

A Mainstream Media Member Picks Maryland Over Clemson

Not sure I agree, but I won't complain.

I take the Terps despite -- nay, because they come in off back-to-back losses to Rutgers and Middle Tennessee State and a squeaked-out victory over James Madison. This is right about the time when the Terp start winning low-scoring ACC games in which they have absolutely no business even being competitive, giving them just enough of a boost to save Friedgen's job for one more season. Which is not to say they won't lose to Virginia or Duke or both as October drags on.

Dinich Not So Kind - Has Terps Losing Big

Can't blame her this time, though.

Clemson 31, Maryland 14 -- Until the Terps stop giving away points and moving backward with penalties, they don’t even give themselves a chance. There’s no question Clemson has more experience and talent on its roster, and these days, even home-field advantage isn’t so great for Maryland.

Scout Picking Clemson, Too

Well, I guess we should expect this.

Perfect timing. Clemson desperately needs this type of a game, a road trip to Maryland to face a team that’s circling the drain. The Tigers will treat it as an opportunity to work out some of the offensive wrinkles and give Spiller a shot at Player of the Week honors. The defense and special teams will chip in as well, creating turnovers and short-field chances, respectively. Clemson 35 … Maryland 16

Why Bruce Campbell Got a Personal Foul - Terps Insider

Can't hate on this:

Once I saw one of my teammates go down, it triggered something in me. I can’t see that. Seeing a teammate go down, an offensive player [Smith], he is one of my closer friends. Once I saw him go down, it just triggered something in my head. I was like, ‘I am going to go off.’ There was no holding back. I had like tunnel vision. I just blanked out. I honestly didn’t hear the whistle, I didn’t hear anything until I saw the ref directly in front of me pull out his flag....It was not frustration, I just had tunnel vision.

At least he's 1) protecting a player, and 2) caring.

Tracking the Terps - "I've been down this road before"

Chris Turner's saying the right thing and keeping guys upbeat, but this doesn't exactly equate to a one point loss to UVA when they were respectable, a 13 point loss to a good Clemson team, and a 3 point loss to the Butch Davis-era Tar Heels. Still, appreciate the effort.

Ferrara Will Punt

It's tough for a true freshman to handle all three kicking duties, but I don't think it should have too big of an effect. Probably the right choice.

New Starters at G: Young and Gonnella

Hey, didn't we start out with this?!

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