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So, Portis is Transferring

This is something else that really isn't that surprising to me, and isn't that big of a deal.

Maryland backup quarterback Josh Portis will transfer to California (Pa.) for the spring semester, Portis said late Wednesday night.

"It just wasn't the right situation," Portis said. "I learned a lot, got a good education. I learned about perseverance and it made me a better person. I wish Maryland the best. I hope they do well next year. It was a fun school to be at as far as socially, but it didn't work out for me. It didn't pan out for me so I have to move on."

This doesn't have a huge impact on the team. I like to think, as I did in the early preview, that Portis would get some playing time next year, maybe a 2-QB set or two, but I have trouble believing it would actually happen.

It's always sad to see someone go, but I'm not at all upset for Josh. He's right - this wasn't the right situation for him. He has one year left of eligibility here, and he wasn't going to play. Hopefully he can go to Cal, start right away, maybe get a tryout with an NFL team. I'm glad to see him get a chance, because I always liked him.

As for the impact on the Terps - well, not much. If Chris Turner goes down, then Jamaar Robinson will have to come in, but he did very well in spring practice this year (about the same as Portis) and he knows the system. Plus, Turner's pretty durable - I'm not sure if he's actually been hurt yet.

The bigger impact will come if Fridge wants to have 3 QBs dressed every game. If so, then one of CJ Brown or Danny O'Brien will have to burn a redshirt, which really would be a waste. (If one does, the early money is on Brown).

Anyway, it's something to get your mind off of Morgan State. Ugh.