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Terps Miss Out On 5 Star RB

Some bad football recruiting news for the Terps...Local 5 star running back Tavon Austin has committed to, and this might sting a little, West Virginia. The fantastic running back, who can also play slot receiver, chose the Mountaineers over the Terps, Michigan and Georgia. Ralph Friedgen has done a lot to try and convince Austin that College Park should be his home, even going so far as taking a helicopter to one of Austin's high school games to make a statement about how much the Terps wanted to see him in Black, Gold, Red and White.

Austin said part of his decision was based on the likelihood that he'd see immediate playing time. The fact that the Terps have Scott, Maggott and Green all playing well and Friedgen's loyalty to more senior players probably played a big role in Austin's decision to pass over the Terps for the Mountaineers.

The only good news in this is that the Terps won't face WVU until at least 2010, so maybe Austin will no longer be a Mountaineer by then.