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Hawkins Opening Commitment, Terps Leading for Nunez?

Travis Hawkins, Maryland's highly touted CB recruit, made an appearance the other day at the Under Armor High School All-American Game, and did pretty well. Many Terp fans who saw the game were probably drooling at the prospect of getting him in College Park. But they might not.

A few weeks ago, a rumor started up that Hawkins was looking around, maybe taking an extra visit or two, possibly opening up his commitment. The rumor was quickly squashed, with those knowledgable in the matter stating he was perfectly happy at Maryland.

The rumor, as many often do, has risen from the grave. Jeff Ermann, a consistently reliable reporter who runs Terp Center, has an article on the front page titled: Hawkins Re-Opening His Commitment? Though it's a pay link to a site I'm not subscribed to, all signs do seem to point to that. This rumor seems to imply that he'll take a few vists while still technically committed to Maryland. If true, odds are his "commitment" is pretty useless. I have a feeling Penn State might be the "other school" in this situation.

Remember, this is a rumor, completely unconfirmed. Hopefully, it's not true. Just know that it is a possibility.

On a more positive note, Maryland appears to be in the lead for New Jersey DE/LB Bernardo Nunez, per Allen Wallace at Scout:

Bernardo Nunez, the 6-foot-3, 235-pound three-star defensive end/outside linebacker from Hoboken, N.J., is getting close to making a final decision.

"Maryland is number one right now," Nunez says. "I’ve been there a lot and I feet really comfortable with all the coaches and players already. There’s probably about an 80-90 percent chance I’ll go there."

Great news; Nunez is a very promising prospect.

Another, quasi-related note - Hakeem Nicks, North Carolina's top receiver, just declared for the draft today. It could work two different ways on Hey-Bey - 1) there's another talented receiver in the field, so the draft looks a little worse, or 2) "If he can go, I can probably go, too". I don't think it'll have any real impact on DHB's decision (I think he's gone no matter what), but it's something to keep in the back of your mind.