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The Press Conference After

The first presser after Garygate was...uneventful, really. Gary's opening remarks really set the tone for the day:

Any questions about my team or Miami?


I’m just talking about Miami and my team for the rest of the year.

I do think that is a bit restrictive. I mean, he's not going to take questions on UNC before the UNC game? We don't play Miami any after tomorrow, so it certainly is an interestinig tactic.

(Note: yes, the above is sarcasm.)

Anyway, the rest of the pres coference was just about as boring as can be, if you believe the reports from it. He did discuss the return of Jin-Soo Kim, as well as Jordan Williams' nomination for the McDonald's All-American Game (don't get too excited - 2500 players are nominated every year). Other than that, there was little I could find that was of note.

Thank god.