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John Feinstein Sums It Up Best

Fantastic Article here by John Feinstein in the Post today.

He clears up some things, mainly when Gary said "That was someone else's call" (in regards to Gus Gilchrist leaving), he was referring to Gilchrist's friend/buddy/mentor who Maryland refused, and rightfully so, to give a job to.

The Athletic Department, rather than talking to Gary, went to the papers, assuming Gary was talking about them when Gary said that it was someone else's call.  They pointed out that Gary signed Gus' release and that Gary decided it wouldn't be a good idea for Evans to come to school at Maryland.  That, of  course, got Gary upset that the Athletic Department would go so far as to do that, and assume he was talking about them. Which is why Gary was so surprised when he heard from reporters about what the Athletic Department did and got mad at the associate AD who handled all of this, since Debbie Yow was in North Caroline to attend the funeral of her sister.

This is just a display of horrible communication and, rather than one party talking to the other, they just attacked each other through the third-party media.

Apparently this has all been taken care of now, but it amazes me that an assumption by one person in the Athletic Department caused this whole mess.