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This is Getting Really Ugly

Gary might not make it out of the year. Eric Prisbell posted the full transcript of his (and Jeff Barker's) chat with Gary last night. They left out some key quotes.

Why do they jump on me all the time? It’s somebody else’s call. It’s not my call. I wanted the kid to play here, of course I did. So it’s somebody else’s call. Who said the University of Maryland’s call? Nobody. You guys are usually accurate with your quotes. Let’s be accurate. Did I say the university of Maryland’s call? Signing the release had nothing to do with the issue, just look at it. They use things that aren’t the deal. The real deal is, why didn’t he play at Maryland? Whether I signed the release or not, this is just giving you stuff to make me look bad.

Yes, it was. Why is that wrong? See, you guys are called in. Were you called upstairs? Were you summoned to the athletic director’s office? Why would they call you? I have run a clean program for 20 years. Check my record. I ran a clean program at Ohio State. Check my record. American U. It would have been hard to cheat at American U. We didn’t have a gym. So what’s the purpose of this, to say he didn’t quite say it right. My heart is in the right place. I gave Gilchrist his release so, when it was all over, whenever the hell it would be, he could play. Whatever school, as long as it is not the ACC, I didn’t care. So he went to South Florida. He is playing. So, good for the kid.

I thought it was very accurate. I said Tyree Evans couldn’t come here because of all the publicity surrounding the issue. I never said anything about the school turning him down for admission. So where does she get off saying that? The kid never applied, how can he be turned down for admission. And Gilchrist, yeah, I signed the release, so what? I was told by the administration that there was no way he could play this year if he did transfer. So if he goes to UCLA, who cares? I was giving the kid a chance. What am i? What am I supposed to do? Not sign the release.

He wasn’t going to stay. Do you get it? He was gone. He was gone. It’s bull---. So I signed the release. Because he was gone anyway, he was not going to be there.

Dear God. I can see some flawed logic in Gary's arguments (I wanted him to come here, but it wasn't my decision so I cannot be blamed - what? Yes, it can still be your fault) but the athletic department screwed up big time on this. Gary is not a person you want to be fighting.

I'm critical of Gary, and I think this'll be his last year, but I'm with him on this one. Shame on you, Yow and the rest of the AD. Shame, shame on you. Doing this was unacceptable. The real loser in this is the University of Maryland men's basketball team about 4 years down the road. No marquee coach in their right mind would come here. Anthony Grant is really the best we can hope for, and I doubt he'll come here. With the school's resources, it's a shame.

Hopefully there'll be fewer quotes like this in the future. It's not exactly good press.