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Maryland Loses to Boston College; Drops Another Lead

For the record, that's not what I wanted the title to be, but the big guys say that I should use a "search-friendly" title. I wanted the title to be something like "Disgusting" or "Our season is over" or "Retire Gary Williams". Unfortunately, those titles are a little bit...polarizing.

Anyway, Maryland dropped another lead. The only positive thing I can think is that they didn't lose by 41 this time. And yes, Maryland led in that game. (3-2, off a Dave Neal 3)

  • Sean Mosley should start every single game the rest of his Maryland Terrapins career. Actually, he should transfer. He doesn't deserve to be stuck with this team. One comment from "Interactive Tuesday" said Mosley is a future All-ACC player, and it couldn't be more right on. No player gave as much effort as Mosely did. I almost cried when made the offensive rebound and got hurt. No one else gave near that effort at any point in this game.
  • Vasquez slowly seems to be crawling his way back to normalcy. He had a pretty good game, including some talk with the fans. Unfortunately, he couldn't get all the back, because if he did, he would've made a big play at some point and Maryland probably would've won the game.
  • Maryland is at the bottom of the ACC right now. We're the new laughingstock. Just seven years ago Maryland won the national championship. The team before? They're currently #1 in the nation. The team after? They're 17-4.
  • The team cannot play with a decent lead. They get passive and stop caring. You can set your watch to it - as soon as they get about a 15 point lead, they'll become terrible.
  • Something needs to change. No, the program will not just turn around. Maybe the AD, maybe the coach, maybe the assistants. But there needs to be a major change in the system.