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I Just Don't Understand Gary Williams

Gary might be a great coach, but things have changed in the game. Things are different. The game depends less on the coach and more on the player. And unfortunately, Gary hasn't adapted to the changes yet. Teams can have success as long as they have one stud player to lean on, and Maryland has that opportunity - Prince George's County is the "new basketball capital of the world" if you listen to ESPN.

I was hoping the thrashing by Duke would disrupt his train of though at a least little bit. But no.

As far as the score goes it doesn’t bother me to lose by 40 or 20, it still counts as one loss, and people can say that’s terrible, but it’s getting ready for Tuesday night. Those last 12 minutes or so that’s what we were trying to do, just get ourselves in a position where we can practice tomorrow and be ready to go.


I was worried after we lost to Georgetown and we beat Michigan. You worry, but to me this is one game and that’s how you have to address it.


It’s one game. If it happens again, next week, then sure there will be a lot of concern. We just scored 80-some in our last game. I don’t change everything because of just one game.

I suppose these quotes weren't overly terrible, but they sure didn't make me happy.

No, Gary, there's a difference between losing by 5, by 10, by 20, and by 41. There's  a big difference. If we lost by 5, people look at the team as a team that can play with Duke. If they somehow bounce back and get into tournament contention, I don't think the committee will look too kindly upon this. If we lose by 5, it's a moral victory for the team. Now they probably hate basketball.

By your logic, we should demolish Boston College. Apparently, the worse the loss, the better the next game against an average team will be. Brilliant!

Yes, Gary, we scored 80-some our last game. But to look at a game when the team fell short of 50 points - 50! - and say, "Well, it's one game. The fundamentals of the team are strong. I don't want to change anything because we just shot 28% from the field. I mean, it only happened once," is ludicrous. Yeah, I mean, I only got cancer once, I think I'll go back to smoking two packs a day.

He just lost the worst game in the history of the Maryland Terrapins. I wanted a bit of urgency. I don't doubt that he's urgent when he's with the team, but oftentimes a public outburst will do more good. Look at Tim Tebow. Gary could've made a public promise to tie the players to. He just seems to care less than he used to.

I don't know, maybe it's just the anger I'm feeling right now, but Gary seems left behind in the game of today.