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The Morning After

I made a promise I wasn't going to post last night. There was so much anger and disappointment, anything I wrote, I'd regret. Every time I'd think about posting, I'd check Google Reader to make sure I didn't miss anything, I'd have to read 15 stories on the loss. I feel less biased this morning.

With that said, this was the worst loss in the history of the Maryland Terrapins. The worst loss ever. Ever. Never before has Maryland lost as badly as they did last night. That's exactly how this game should be treated.

There was no effort by anyone on the team, oustside of two players (discussed later). It wouldn't have mattered much - the talent difference between these two teams was insane. It's never been this bad since the probation years.

The only two players who showed up were Landon Milbourne and Sean Mosely. They were the only two who seemed to care. And iti's not like they did anything out of the ordinary. They just hustled. It's really bad when you look at two average performances and commend them as much as I am (I'm not trying to knock Landon or Sean with that statement - I gave up before they did).

There is somethiing fundamentally wrong with the team when thiis happens. A 15 point loss can be described as a fluke. A 25 point loss, and it's a terrible loss but the season isn't over. A 41 point loss? There's something wrong.

Worse, I can't even think of what this'll do to their confidence level. I know I wouldn't want to play basketball again for a few days. But they have to play Boston College on Tuesday. Normally, I would say that that game wiill show their mettle, but I don't care at this point. We shouldn't make it into any tournament this year - not NCAA, not NIT, not CBI. That's how bad this team is. I have no idea how they even stayed competitive in some of the earlier games.