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Lunchtime Links

Here's some stuff to read while stuffing your face with stuffed turkey. Stuff stuff stuff.

  • A Good Matchup For The Terps? - Apparently, some sources in college basketball like how Maryland matches up with the Terps, and I agree with them. The only statement in the article I disagree with is that Duke could exploit Milbourne's post ability with Singler. Sorry, not happening.
  • Vasquez : "That's My House" - If he wasn't playing so poorly right now, I'd be excited about this. As it stands, he likely just gave Duke some ammo and he won't be able to come through on it. I hope I'm wrong, but I'm stating what he's shown me.
  • Vazquez and Duke - More on the Vaz vs. Duke idea. I never knew his stats were so good against Duke. I still think that if Maryland wins, it'll have to be on his back.
  • Duke's Nolan Smith - Aside from being a bit of a traitor - growing up in Upper Marlboro, then going to Duke - he doesn't know that Shane Walker isn't on the team anymore. I hope Bowie shuts him down.