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Up Next: Duke

I'm ready.

Some early notes:

  • Maryland may only have one player over 6-8 (Steve Goins), but Duke only has two - and one of them (Brian Zoubek) is pretty much Braxton Dupree, except Duke-ified.
  • Did you hear Vitale in that video? Well, he's not calling the game Saturday...sweet!
  • I miss the happy days.
  • Duke's beatable. Their talent is better than Maryland's, but Gary (and most likely Vaz) would relish nothing more than denying Duke the #1 seed at CIS.
  • Michigan beat them by taking away the three. Maryland has the athletes to do it - Vasquez can stay with Henderson, Millbourne on Singler, Mosely on Scheyer, and Bowie on Smith - so I wonder if GW decides to go that route.
  • Vasquez has to break out of his slump. Anything less than his best will probably leave Maryland with a huge hole to climb out of.
  • Singler might be a good player, but I have a feeling the new Milbourne could have quite a game against him. I've always seen Singler as a little bit soft, and Milbourne is really feeling it lately, at least on the interior.
  • Even though I think he'd probably help Maryland win, thank God Paulus isn't starting. I can't stand him.
  • Hopefully we'll get a good Scheyerface:
    • No more kidding - this is a huge game for Maryland. Keeping close is the big thing - I can deal with a 10-point loss. An 18-point blowout, however could be crippling to the team's confidence. A win would just be gravy, though it would probably guarantee a loss against Boston College.
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