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Hey! Dan Steinberg Actually Wrote About the Terps

In what must be the first time in a decade and half (maybe two?) Dan Steinberg, he of the DC Sports Bog (which is actually a decent piece of literature - I read it daily) has put his hands to the keyboard and typed (or wrote, whatever) about the Maryland Terrapins. It's a rare occurance indeed.

Steinberg's kind of famous for being at best ambivalent towards Maryland. So when he wrote about the Terps's game last night, it was a mild surprise. It's actually an interesting article, and it makes me like Braxton Dupree, which is strange. I suppose I'm actually a little angry about that fact, because my Dupree disliking meter was at an all-time high, and now I'm confused.

Anyway, I assume Gary knows this (not that I don't like Brax, that Steinberg doesn't cover the Terps) and he had a pretty good zing, for being Gary Williams.

"Dan, how you doing?" he said. "What are you doing here? Must have been no Caps, no Wizards, Georgetown's not playing. You had nothing to do, just tell the truth."

That's just about right on.

Anyway, Steinberg's a pretty good pen, or at least journo, so there's some interesting stuff that I saw postworthy, particularly Dave Neal's nickname. According to Sean Mosely, it's "Dave", which is exceedingly boring. According to Braxton, it's "The Real Deal Dave Neal." To me, "Dave the Real Deal Neal" sounds better, but whatever. This article actually makes Brax look like an appreciated member of the team, so I'm a little frustrated. Check it out at the link at the top of the page.