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Terp Commits Have Huge Games

For those hoping Maryland can finally have a consistent big man next year, look out, cause help is on the way, with two big men who just had outstanding games.

First, James Padgett had a great game against the #2 big man in the nation (per Scout), DeMarcus Cousins. He had 17 points and twelve boards, a very good performance considering the talent he was going up against.

Now, if you look at that game, then look at the headline and think, "That's not huge," prepare for this one.

Jordan Williams had a ginormous game the other day, and it might've been against a 1-9 team in Connecticut, but that makes the numbers no less crazy.

His stat line: 43 points, 15 rebounds, 7 blocks, 6 steals, one guy sent to the hospital who was in the way of a rebound. It's those kind of games that make you get excited for next year.