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Terps Exit Florida 0-2

Another really tough loss in Florida. Once again, the team was just a few points away from pulling out the win, which is a little infuriating. Think about it like this: Maryland is just 6 points away from being 17-2 with a 10 game winning streak. Instead, they sit at 1-2 in the ACC, a 14-5 record, and with a two game skid. *inward sigh*

Some thoughts:

  • What's with Grevis Vasquez? I really think the fans at the GT game got to him. He's afraid to shoot, or even take any kind of chance, really. It's just sad to see a player of his talent afraid to take a chance. That's his main strength, too. He's a great player because he's overly confident and cocky, and because he's willing to try the incredible, mind-bending fadeaway turnaround jumper, or the behind-the-back pass. These plays fail 60% of the time, but the other 40%, they have a big enough impact of make up for it. Now, he tends to just pass the ball off somewhat passively. When he does shoot, it's not with confidence. He only had 6 points tonight! That was the main reason Maryland lost, no doubt about it.
  • It was this kind of day for Greivis - he missed a free throw. Two, actually.
  • Another GV shocker: he didn't take the final shot, at the end of the half or OT. I'm not sure whether I like that or not.
  • Many props to Landon Milbourne. He was just great today, especially on the boards. He was one rebound away from a double-double, with 17 points and 9 boards. Of those 9 boards, 6 were offensive, and many in a clutch situation.
  • Another player who stepped up big today: Sean Mosely. He might've stolen a starting spot from Adrian Bowie, who fouled out for his second consecutive game, had Bowie not played so well himself. Mosely was outstanding defensively, and is really starting to see his shots fall. He had a few great hustle plays as well, with a couple of putbacks on GV's misses. He clearly has a great sense for the game - he'll get a lot more playing time now that he's acquainted more with the college game.
  • Does anyone else find it funny that earlier in the year, people were complaining that the only good player on the team was Vasquez? Everyone said Maryland just needed a #2 to be a good team. Now, they seem to have 2 or 3 #2s every game, but the #1 doesn't show up. That's irony.
  • Is Cliff Tucker still on the team? Only 11 minutes today.
  • Yes, I was very angry with some of the calls from Jamie Lucky. I think there were about five calls in the final two minutes of regulation and overtime that negatively impacted Maryland and were borderline at best. One of these changes, Maryland wins the game. A few that I rattle off off the top of my head: the shot clock/FT controversy, the jump ball call (which is one of the worst I've ever seen in my life), and the call on Mosely's missed FT at the end of the game. All were very bad.
  • As horrible as all this seems, Maryland isn't out of it just yet. Yes, it's a giant uphill climb, but these aren't particularly bad losses. Miami and FSU are both quality teams, and they're both good at home. It's a tough stretch, but it's debatable that Maryland should've won both of these games (meaning they played better than the opposition, not that they disappointed). Some groundwork is being laid right now. Duke's only a week away - win then, and everyone forgets about these losses.