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Terps Headed to All-Star Bowls

Five Terps are getting recognized for outstanding play this year by being invited to various college All-Star Bowls, and though they're not the five I would've chosen if I had to pick just five, I wish congratulations to all of them.

Edwin Williams, the most deserving of the bunch, is headed to the East-West Shrine Game, and he'll be joined by Jaimie Thomas on the offensive line. Moise Fokou and Jeremy Navarre will attend the Texas vs. The Nation game, in what will hopefully be an effort that will show Texas that no, they can't outplay 49 other states combined, and perhaps end this excuse for Texas to pat their ego. Meanwhile, Kevin Barnes will attend the Senior Bowl, but won't play due to the injury he suffered earlier in the year. The Barnes injury really is a shame; I think he would've been able to get a mid-round selection in the draft had he been healthy. Now, he'll have to make it in tryouts with some team. Very, very unlucky.

Anyway, congrats to all the Terps!