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Canes (Backup) PG Suspended, Other News

No, it's not Jack McClinton, or Lance Hurdle:

University of Miami backup point guard Eddie Rios was suspended for the second time this season Monday.

This time it's for violating team rules relating to following team protocol and lack of communication with coaches, according to a statement released by the school. UM spokeswoman Margaret Belch said coach Frank Haith would address the issue Tuesday.

Rios, who was suspended for the Ohio State game Dec. 6 for an undisclosed violation of team policy, did not travel with the team Saturday to Boston College.

Could be worse, but it's not a big deal. Rios doesn't have much of an impact to start with, but it certainly doesn't help the 'Canes. This is akin to, say, Cliff Tucker getting hurt. It'd be big news and have an impact, but not a huge one.

And, in case you were wondering: here's what happened in that verbal scuffle between Vasquez and the Terp fans on Saturday.

To recap: At several points during the Terps' ACC opener, boos were directed in Vasquez's direction, either for missed shots or other decisions deemed inadequate by unsatisfied fans. Vasquez, apparently, took the public criticism very personally. Near the end of the game, he repeatedly walked over near the student section and spewed four-letter words in succession. It was colorful, entertaining and inappropriate all at the same time.


"I addressed the issue with Greivis after the game and again yesterday, and that’s behind us," Williams said. "That, that, you can’t do that. No matter what was said, and there was some really bad things said besides the booing, from the crowd. Given that, you still can’t respond, and Greivis understands that, and I think you will not see that again."

Vasquez, the team leader in numerous categories, seems to prefer playing in environments where he feels as though everyone is against him. That may be why he recently told freshman guard Sean Mosley that playing on the road is more fun than playing at home. Still, Williams would prefer a little more support be thrown behind Maryland's star attraction, at least when the team plays at Comcast Center.

To be honest, this is more on the fans than on Vasquez. You can't insult the best player on the team. Without GV, I don't think the team's record would've been nearly as good. He makes everyone around him better, which is the signal of a great PG. He makes a lot of mistakes, but so does everyone. That said, he really seemed to play a lot better when he had something to prove, so maybe it was planned. It's not a bad idea, y'know.