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Vasquez's Free Throw Shooting

Vaz might've had a poor shooting night yesterday, but that doesn't mean he's not still sinking every free throw that comes his way.

Vasquez hit all six of his free throw attempts, including a few in hugely clutch situations. Even his own fans booing him didn't faze him (to be honest, I have no idea what it was about, but that's all I can assume).

Last night's performance makes it 35 free throws in a row, the last miss coming late in the Michigan game. He's 63 for 67 on the year, which is third best in the NCAA. That's not only a huge improvement from last year, but has a gigantic impact on the team. Having a player who can get the ball late in the game and you know can hit the shots at the line completely changes the way coaches look at the game. That player wasn't there last year, but he's here now. This will really help the Terps pull out close games.

He's not the only player making it happen at the stripe, though. Maryland as a team is the second-best free throw shooting team in the nation, behind only UC Davis. Winning big games in conference often come down to players hitting free throws - hit your free throws, and you've got a 10 or 12 point edge, no strings attached. If they can keep it up, the ACC schedule gets that much easier.