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Too Early to Panic

Not surprisingly, many Terps fans are calling for Head Coach Ralph Friedgen's head after the Terps loss to Middle Tennessee State this past weekend.

I think some people are hitting the panic button too early. Was it a horrible loss? Yes. Did they make stupid mistakes, including the coaches? Yes. But we’re in game 2 of the season, not game 12. I’d feel more compelled to agree that a change was needed, but it’s still early in the season. And losing to Middle Tennessee State, while embarrassing and potentially could land Maryland in ESPN's "Bottom 10" this week, won't affect what Bowl game the Terps go to, since the Terps weren't going to be contending for a National Title. They just need to do well in ACC play. If they don't, I think questioning whether Fridge should keep is job is something we'll have to consider.

A few points about the loss on Saturday...

It wasn't Fridge’s decision to not give Scott the ball more – that is on Franklin. And Fridge can’t control Turner throwing 3 picks. Can you question Ralph not preparing his team properly? Sure. But don't try to pin things on him that he isn't controlling. Should he talk to Franklin about why Scott was getting more touches? Probably and I'm sure he already has.

Listen, I understand everyone is frustrated, myself included. But Maryland didn’t lose to Duke in an ACC game, which would be a lot worse. Football isn't like basketball where a loss to a horrible team like MIddle Tennessee State is going to keep you out of post season play. Unless the Terps were competing for the National Championship, they don't need to go undefeated. The only thing determining what bowl they play in is ACC play. And if they do well there, this game won't be an issue to bowl selection committees. But if the Terps struggle and only win 3 or 4 ACC games, yes, this game could come back to bite us as a bowl might skip over Maryland for another team. But lets see what happens against Cal and then go from there. Once we get into ACC play, we’ll know what this team can do. There is no question that this team has talent (Scott, Heyward-Bey), so if we can’t capitalize this season, then Fridge’s job should be called into question.