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Terps Rankings This Week

I thought the Terps would crack the top 25 this week, but it appears that the voters in both the AP and Coaches Poll are still questioning the Terps or they think that both Clemson and Cal were overrated.  Regardless, Maryland came in this week 30th in the coaches poll and 26th in the AP, just missing the top 25, despite knocking off two ranked opponents in the last three weeks. You can blame that on the Middle Tennessee loss.


If you had a vote in either the AP or Coaches poll, where would you rank the Terps?

Leave us a comment or create a fan post and tell us if and where you'd rank the Terps after their 4-1 start to the season.  What would your Top 25 look like?


I'd have Maryland at 25. I think they've earned that, but they still need to show that they can continue to get better and reach their potential.