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Baltz Earns ACC Honors

Travis Baltz reeled in ACC special teams co-player of the week after his performance against Clemson (he shared with Michael Ray Garvin, who returned a TD for Florida State). Baltz had a pretty good game overall, though I'm not sure it was player of the week worthy. He punted seven times in all, bringing in an average of 44 yards. I think the real reason he got it was simply the number of times he punted; the game was solid but unspectacular. Regardless of everything just mentioned, it's a great accomplishment: congrats Travis!

Note: One thing struck me about Coach Friedgen's post game press conference. Here's the quote:

Well, I don't think we played that well in the second half. We won this one with our hearts, not with our ability or not with our technique. They more or less grinded it out with will. We kept making mistakes, but Clemson did too. They kept getting penalties that helped us. Really, it was about who was going to make the least amount of mistakes in the second half. Seems like every time I play it's a close game and a hard-fought game.

Fridge doesn't seem to congratulate his players too much after this game. Generally, when you're losing by 11 points at halftime and just gave up about 100 yards on the ground, and then you win, the second half was a pretty damn good half of football. Normally, I'd be slightly upset, but I want to see how these guys respond to this, if they notice it.