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Halftime Impressions

I have touble believing Maryland is still in this game. They're down just 11 points and get the ball first in the second half. It's only a two possesion game, and Da'Rel Scott and DHB are huge game-changers. 

Overall, the Terps have played like crap. The offense hasn't done anything, the defense has been run over. The only thing saving them so far is Clemson's mistakes. Two fumbles and a pick willl keep a team in the game.

The Tigers will lose some momentum over the half, and if Fridge can get the team pissed off, they've got a chance. Right now, the team should have 14 points, if the offensive line could contain their penalties. I wouldn't turn away; Friedgen is a better game coach then Bowden, in my opinion, so the Terps have a chance to make a comeback. I have a weird feeling; I'm not predicting a win, but I have trouble believing tihs team isn't going to seriously challenge.