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Seems Like Fridge Was Right

I found this today in the Annapolis C(r)apital.

So, playing well from this point - starting with Clemson - is essential.

"Now, every game matters for us to reach our goal," defensive tackle Jeremy Navarre said.

The Terps were alternately sloppy and sharp through their first four games, a stretch that Navarre yesterday labeled "the preseason." 

Now, I know that Fridge was pissed off earlier about this, and he did blame the players mindsets for the loss. But I had no idea that it really was this bad. Jeremy: Did the MTSU game just not matter? Was it in the preseason? Because if I recall correctly, preseason games normally do not count on a team's record. I clearly see a 1 in the loss column.

I know this probably isn't a big deal, but this is the type of mindset that loses easy games. That's been a problem with the team ever since Fridge took over coaching - I'm not blaming him, just stating facts. Navarre represents quite a lot of the team, I'd imagine. He's a veteran who knows how players think. So it's not unfair to think that much of the team (or at least the defense) really didn't care.

Maybe I should've known this. I mostly blamed the loss on coaching, more than players. Guess I was wrong. So Fridge, Coach Cosh, Coach Franklin, I apologize.  At least the players appeared focuses for ACC play.