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News From Around the ACC

Busy week around the ACC this week; figured everyone should get a quick update. Yeah, I skipped some teams.

Clemson - After losing to Alabama pretty badly, the Tigers have rebounded with big wins over the Citadel and South Carolina State. They're small schools, but Clemson has wiped the floor with both; was Alabama an aberration?

Florida State - The Seminoles are having some difficulty with their QBs. Both Christian Ponder and D'Vontrey Richardson got playing time last week against Wake Forest, and both were worse than Jordan Steffy. I kid you not. They combined for 118 yards through the air supplemented by 5 interceptions. And for some reason, Drew Weatherford, who, even though he's been bad, can't be worse than these guys, was left on the bench. Ponder will start against unbeaten Colorado.

Georgia Tech - This team could really challenge. They might've lost to Virginia Tech earlier, but had a huge win over Mississippi State, and they dominated every single aspect. The defense is stifling, and Paul Johnson has gotten his offense to work. Josh Nesbitt, the starting QB, left with a hamstring injury, but freshman Jaybo Shaw did great in his place.

North Carolina - The Tar Heels seemed to have been really growing into a contender as of late, but just hit a big wall. Their starting QB, TJ Yates, will be sidelined for 6 weeks with an ankle injury. He'll probably be replaced by sophomore Cam Sexton or freshman Mike Paulus. Yeah, the brother of Greg. This means Yates wiill probably be just coming back the week UMD plays UNC, or sitting out. That can only mean good news.

North Carolina State - Bad news for the Wolfpack. A week after they take down the BCS busters East Carolina, they lose two big time starters. QB Russell Wilson and LB Nate Irving are both "injured" according to HC Tom O'Brien. Only, he's not saying what's wrong with them, and they're out "indefinitely". Something fishy here....

Virginia - It's a debacle. Good chance that Al Groh will finally be gone after this year with all the problems that program is having.

Virginia Tech - After a comeback win over North Carolina, the Hokies have to face off with Nebraska. They'll do so with an injured Tyrod Taylor (ankle) and Sean Glennon, who's...well....Sean Glennon. Expect a troubled passing game. VT seems very touchable this year.