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Halftime Impressions

Ugh, I hate ESPN360. So unreliable. IE sucks as well, but I have to use it right now. I haven't been able to keep a steady stream all game long. Anyway, on to what I've seen so far:

Morgan Green has been surprisingly good. Wasn't really expecting him to get as much PT as he ended up getting, but he's been great. Some good short runs, not very explosive, but he did have a big 20-yard run.

On that topic: Where's Meggett? He hasn't gotten nearly enough playing time today.

Turner's been a little above average, and mostly avoiding mistakes, minus that final INT. Hey-Bey's been wonderful, and has showcased why he should be getting more touches than he normally does. In fact, all of the WRs have been pretty good.

The defense has been...enigmatic. They've done well to force so many turnovers, but they've failed in actually stopping Eastern Michigan consistently. This will come back to haunt them eventually. For now, I think the team will be okay.

Obi finally got on the board! Great news. His kickoffs have been pretty good, as well. The special teams, as a whole, actually, has been good. Torrey Smith is really settling in at kick returner, and the block punt was textbook.

I'm a little afraid that we haven't put away EMU yet. I think - and hope - that it'll happen in the second half, but it's not a guarentee.