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Under Armor Signs Official Deal

New Unis
At a press conference today, an announcement that Under Armor will now supply all of UMD's athletic gear was made. Previously, it had only been football, soccer, and lacrosse. They now must make forays into all the other sports, including basketball, baseball, and anything else they have a line for.

Anyway, the change that most people will be interested about is likely the new basketball jerseys. Of course, there was a change just last year, so we're turning over another new leaf pretty quickly. Here's the only picture I could fine floating around. There'll be more pics later surely.

I'm not a huge fan. The shoulder piping seems to be too trendy - we've got a ton of tradition, and now the players will don this fad of a uni. I mean, it definitely could be worse, but I'd prefer the unis of the national championship. Unless they get this in gold - that'd be sweet.

So, what do you guys think of the new unis?