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Injury Report Out, Tate to Get New Role

Da'Rel Scott has been listed as questionable for the game Saturday against Eastern Michigan. It's not really surprising, and I don't expect Scott to get much PT against a team that should be an easy win (knock on wood, of course). Terrell Skinner is also out for the second week in a row. Other notable players who'll be out: LaQuan Williams, Mack Frost, and Richard Taylor.

In other news: Kenny Tate's a pretty hot topic around College Park these days. The former 5 star WR recruit was transplanted to safety at the beginning of the year, and so far he's been solid, if unimpressive. According to coaches, he's coming along nicely and his playing time should increase with every game. I wouldn't be shocked to see an Antwine Perez (depending on how long Skinner's out - he's earned a starting spot) and Kenny Tate duo in the secondary. He has sure hands, plenty of size, and surprisingly good instincts for a player who used to focus on offense.

According to Fridge, Tate will handle punt return duties on Saturday. Eastern Michigan has an interesting rugby style punting format: a short, high, directional kick. He's afraid that Torrey Smith or Danny Oquendo might not have the surest of hands - did he not watch those onside kicks? - so Tate will be back fielding punts. It'll be interesting to see his moves in the open field.