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Terps vs. Eastern Michigan TV coverage

The Terps game vs. Eastern Michigan, which kicks off this Saturday at 1:00 P.M., won't be shown live on TV, not even locally. The only way you can watch the game is if you watch it online on the ESPN 360 Web cast. This is really disappointing news and it's pathetic that Comcast or MASN aren't picking up live coverage of this game.  Comcast is reshowing the game on Sunday at 7:30 but by that point, who cares?

According to MASN's schedule, they're covering a 1:00 P.M. Orioles game Saturday, so at least MASN has a reason for not picking up coverage of the Terps game. Why MASN 2 or Comcast aren't is another question entirely.  I could see networks not wanting to pick up coverage had MD lost to Cal last Saturday, but the Terps had a solid victory against the Golden Bears, one that captured the attention of and reenergized a lot of the Terps fanbase that was previously upset over the loss to Middle Tennessee State. You'd think that would generate a lot of interest in this game from a TV view point.

This is something that can potentially hurt Maryland in recruiting.  When the Terps can't be seen on TV but other local schools such as Penn State, UVA and Va. Tech are always on, what does that say about your school's program if they can't even get on TV on the 4th Saturday of the football season?